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Project and Management Actions (PMAs)

The purpose is to gather ideas for potential projects and management actions (PMAs) that could be evaluated and ultimately included in the Wyandotte Creek Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). 

Projects and Management Actions

Part of the GSP process will be implementing Projects and Management Actions (PMAs) which help move the subbasin towards its goal of sustainability.  A brief overview of the PMA process is provided below:

05. WC_PMA Process.pdf

 Draft PMAs presented at WAC Meeting:


 Here is a presentation to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee about PMAs:


 Other useful documents pertaining to PMAs are provided below:

PMA Glossary.pdfPMA Legal Implications Discussion Paper.pdfRecharge Study Chapter 5.pdfFloodMAR fact sheet 2018.pdf

We want to hear from YOU! 

We are looking for ideas about potential PMAs that could be evaluated and possibly included in the Wyandotte Creek Groundwater Sustainability Plan.  PMAs will be accept on an ongoing basis throughout the GSP development and implementation.  We are launching an online form to collect your ideas.  When available you will find the link here. You can contact us through this link:

 Click here for the online Wyandotte Creek GSA PMA Submittal Form.

Or download a word or .pdf version for your use: 

PMA Submittal Form for WC Subbasin.docx05.PMA Submittal Form for Wyandotte Creek GSA.pdf

 Learn more about the GSP here.