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Sustainable Management Criteria

Comments Sought on the Draft Sustainable Management Criteria Chapter, Monitoring Networks Chapter and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Section


Below are public review drafts of the Sustainable Management Criteria and Monitoring Network Chapters for the Wyandotte Creek subbasin.  The Public Comment period ends on June 30, 2021. 


To better organize public comments, we are requesting that commenters use a comment tracking sheet (available with the draft documents below). 


We look forward to your thoughts on the Sustainable Management Criteria and Monitoring Network Chapters.  This is a significant step in developing the Groundwater Sustainability Plan in the Wyandotte Creek Subbasin.


Draft Documents

Cover Letter.pdf

        Provides background on the drafts and highlights focus areas for public comment.

Glossary of SGMA Acronyms.pdfChapter 3- Sustainable Management Criteria.pdf

        Includes the Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems section (Appendix 3-3)

Chapter 4- Monitoring Network.pdf

        Includes information on the Representative Monitoring Wells with assigned SMC as described in Chapter 3.

Comment Tracking Sheet.xlsx


Comment Submission

Send comments to:

Or by mail to:

Department of Water and Resource Conservation, Attn: Christina Buck

308 Nelson Ave, Oroville, CA 95965


Directions for Submitting Comments

1.      Access the draft documents online:

2.      Download the PDF chapter files

3.      Download the comment tracking sheet (Excel table) and rename it with your name or entity abbreviation

4.      Compile your comments in the Excel table. Please reference your comment to the report section with line numbers to facilitate tracking of comments.

5.      Please submit comments by June 30, 2021.


You can send your comments in a few ways:

·   Fill out the comment tracking sheet in Excel with your comments/suggested edits/questions and email it by June 30, 2021.

·   You can also record your comments in Word or other document-based software taking care to refer any comments/edits/questions in the text to the numbered line references in the draft Chapters or figure numbers


Contact Christina Buck with questions. 


Thank you!