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WC Advisory Committee


WC Advisory Committee Charter.pdf


WC-GSA StakeholderAC Overview & Application_2023.pdfWC-GSA StakeholderAC Application Only_Word version.docx


The purpose of the Wyandotte Creek Advisory Committee (WAC) is to provide input and recommendations to the Wyandotte Creek GSA Board on groundwater sustainability plan development and implementation as further described in the WAC Charter. The composition of the AC is intended to represent the beneficial uses and users of groundwater identified in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Terms will be four-years (after initial staggered terms), and interested individuals can apply to become a member of the WAC.

Advisory Committee Members

At-large Positions

Agricultural Groundwater Users (3):

  • Duke Sherwood (expires 1/28/25)
  • Darin Williams (expires 2/25/25)
  • Nicole Johansson (expires 4/22/25)

Domestic Well Users (2): 

  • Colleen Duncan (expires 10/26/27)
  • Gretchen Clinkingbeard (expires 10/26/27)

Environmental Representative:  Vacant until filled

Business Association Representative:  

  • Joe Gleason (expires 01/25/28)
Non-at-large Positions


  • Loni Lind (appointed 04/01/22)

South Feather Water and Power:

  • Kristen McKillop (appointed 10/16/20)

Tribal Representative:  Vacant until filled