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Board Members

The Wyandotte Creek GSA has 5 Board of Director seats (3 for the Member Agency Directors, 2 for Stakeholder Directors). Each of the 3 Member Agency Directors must be an elected official. There are 2 Stakeholder Director seats: 1 for a non-agricultural domestic well user and 1 for an agricultural well user. For each seat, there is a primary Director and a secondary/alternate Director.


City of Oroville:

  • Primary - Eric Smith (Vice-President)
  • Secondary - Art Hatley

    County of Butte:

    • Primary - Bill Connelly (President)
    • Secondary - Tod Kimmelshue

    Thermalito Water & Sewer District:

    • Primary -Bruce Wristen
    • Secondary - Susan Latulippe

    Domestic User:

    • Primary - William Bynum
    • Secondary - Rick Wulbern

    Agricultural User:

    • Primary - Kyle Daley
    • Secondary - Derek Cressman
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