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Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) for Adoption

May contain: nature, outdoors, water, shoreline, and land

GSP for Adoption

The GSP for consideration and adoption by the Wyandotte Creek GSA Board is available. The entire document as well as by section can be found below.  Additionally, this GSP and all others can be found at DWR's website here.

The "Responses to Comments" documentation for the Public Review Draft GSP (September 2021), is included in the Appendix 1-E - Comments on the Draft  GSP and Responses. Responses documentation includes 1) a Responses to Comments Summary and Master Responses memo, 2) comment tracking table, and 3) the comment letters received and their associated attachments.  The comment period ends 4/23/2022.

 GSP Draft Document

Wyandotte Creek_GSP_01.11.2022.pdf

GSP Chapters 1-7 

Cover_Table of Contents_Acronyms.pdfExecutive Summary.pdfSection 1 Agency Information, Plan Area & Communication.pdfSection 2 Bassin Setting.pdfSection 3 Sustainable Management Criteria.pdfSection 4 Monitoring Networks.pdfSection 5 Project and Management Actions.pdfSection 6 & 7 Plan Implementation and References.pdf

GSP Appendices

Wyandotte Creek Appendices_compiled_01.11.2021.pdf